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Security agencies working together to better protect the citizens of Georgia
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The Georgia Guard Coalition was created to strengthen the security and safety efforts of its members. The goals of the Coalition are to take a high-tech collaborative approach to protecting the property and citizens of Georgia and to increase the level of training, customer service and professionalism in the private security industry.


In America, the crime clock continues to tick: one robbery every 49 seconds and one burglary every 10 seconds. Georgia, like most states, has a crime problem, particularly with robbery, burglary and theft. Residential complexes, retail centers and a variety of other public locations are vulnerable to criminal activity—even the ones patrolled by private security agencies. Crime and dangerous incidents jeopardize the safety of Georgia citizens and the profitability of Georgia businesses. To target Georgia’s crime problem effectively, security agencies across the state must work together to create a peer-watch environment in every community.

Approximate number of
Private Security Guards in Georgia: 30,690*

The private security industry in the United States has grown so much in recent years that security officers now outnumber police officers by a ratio of about three to one.

Number of Sworn Police Officers in Georgia: 24,670*   
                                                                * U.S Department of Labor Statistics  
Number of Reported
Violent Crimes: 36,873*
Number of Reported Property Crimes: 329,076*

Private Security Professionals working in the following industries:

Office Buildings / Business Complexes

Government Facilities

Education Facilities / Campus Security

Hospitality / Leisure / Hotels

Retail / Shopping Centers

Media / Entertainment

Residential Buildings / Communities

Healthcare / Hospitals

Manufacturing / Warehouse / Distribution

Financial / Banking

We take a high-tech, collaborative approach to protect clients, property and the citizens of Georgia.


A quick, “Be-on-the-lookout," notification to neighboring security guards when an incident has been reported will dramatically improve a security officer’s crime prevention efforts. This type of situational awareness enhances police notification times and the ability to deter an incident.

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