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Setting a new standard in private security 

GuardLink leverages mobile technology to improve public safety and deter criminal acts. Our system is the first incident-sharing platform dedicated to help security professionals collaborate geographically.  The system gives Security professionals the ability to notify their peers when a serious crime or safety-related incident has been reported.  GuardLink quickly delivers a text message and a brief description of the incident.  This type of community collaboration will dramatically improve the crime prevention efforts of every security professional who uses the system.

Fast Text Notifications

GuardLink quickly advises the User of the incident and its location. The average person responds to a text message within 90 seconds of receiving it, compared with 90 minutes for an email. By setting a custom alert tone for GuardLink, you’ll know by sound alone that the message is important and warrants immediate action before you even look at your phone.  Our alert messages are sent from a short code that is directly connected to the major cellphone carriers. The delivery speed and reliability are comparable to sending a text message from one cellphone to another.  

Geographical Collaboration

GuardLink is the first incident-sharing platform dedicated to help private security guards collaborate geographically on serious crime and safety-related issues.  A quick, "Be-on-the-look-out" notification to neighboring security guards when an incident has been reported will dramatically improve security officer’s crime prevention efforts. This type of situational awareness will increase everyone's ability to notify the police or deter an incident.

Formatted Incident Reports

The system provides the user with the ability to create properly-formatted and easy-to-read incident reports quickly. The incident report provides security guards with a wealth of information right at their fingertips.The information includes a description of the incident, subjects involved, vehicles used and any related photos or videos.

Voice Broadcasting 

The Voice Broadcast feature is for internal agency communications. When it's important for your message to be heard, use this feature to contact all your security guards simultaneously. Simply record your message and press send. GuardLink does the rest!

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